Full Issues of Burr McIntosh-Monthly Magazines

Here's a little something extra for your enjoyment: So that you may see all the types of photos and subject matter, here are a few issues of Burr McIntosh magazines in their entirety, courtesy of Google Books.

Stage Whispers is published by carlacushman.blogspot.com/


  1. Just spent an hour or so with this, and only got about a tenth of it done. Love it. The words, the photos, the advertisements, everything. Every photo brings up questions for me. Like were the dresses all handmade? Of course, I have to look up sewing machines now. How was the lace made? It was so beautiful. Now I have to look up lace. I know a little of the history of Lily Langtry and I saw one photo of her at the beginning, but there was no caption on hers. Now I have to look up Lily. I love the computer.........but oh, the time it takes up for me to have to look up answers to my many questions.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Calli -- I agree, the internet is a rabbit hole I've fallen down, and can't get out!

  3. Hi Calli — Sorry for my delay in responding. Sinusitus laid me low for more than a week and I'm just crawling back to life. My head's still foggy. I'm glad you were able to view the BurrMacs. I know how almost everything on the internet leads us to explore another avenue of information, but I think that's kind of exciting, don't you? Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying Stage Whispers, and I'll be getting back to it in the near future. — Carla


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